PAWN Script: Ravens Roleplay (SA-MP)

SA-MP Server Address:
The following library's below are the ones we used when re-writing the Ravens Roleplay pawn (SA-MP) script for our customer requirements.

Script originally based on: LA-RP by Lordman. CuervO Negro (Ravens Roleplay), LordMan, FeaR, and Gandalf.

YSI (Y_Less) Library's Used:
  • YSI/y_master
  • YSI/y_utils
  • YSI/y_iterate (Used for populating houses, businesses and vehicle system handles)
  • YSI/y_inline
  • YSI/y_timers (Replaced all stock ravens timers with this. Just better really, isn't it!)
  • YSI/y_commands (Originally wrote using the old strcmp system - Replaced with Y_Commands!)
  • YSI/y_dialog
  • YSI/y_groups
  • YSI/y_hooks
  • YSI/y_va
  • YSI/y_vehicledata (Re-scripted Ravens stock vehicle system due to consistent breakdowns and static vehicle id's always breaking)!
  • foreach
  • YSI/sscanf2

  • [MV]_Youtube
  • FuckCleo (Anticheat we replaced stock Ravens AC with. Ravens Stock AC is just a pure nightmare of a mess.)
  • OPVD
  • streamer
  • progress2
  • WP_Hash (Whirlpool - Replaced stock Ravens Roleplay password hashing system with this for optimised security.)
  • SHA256_PassHash (We added this along with Whirlpool Hash for enhanced security purposes for user password hashing)

  • And finally, the nightmare of them all. mySQL Conversion from Ravens stock saving and loading system, DINI & DUTILS.
  • a_mysql (BlueG mySQL R41-4)

  • Ravens Vehicle System was finally replaced with YSI/y_inline (mySQL) & YSI/y_iterators!

    And of course, the entire SA-MP Team (a_samp) & Misiur (Outrun Interactive LLC) that made all this possible!
    Server Plugins Used:
  • crashdetect
  • profiler
  • audio
  • sscanf
  • streamer
  • mysql
  • Whirlpool
  • nativechecker

  • Thank you to Game-MP for the hosted tab listing option! (Server Listings)

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